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    Post  ValkyrieRosey on Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:02 pm

    Guild Rules:

    1. Respect everyone. That includes guild members and non-guild members. If you have a problem with someone do your best to be as civil as possible.If any guild member is giving you troubles are causing problems. SS it and send directly to Rose here on the forums. PM her.

    2.In guild chat please speak english only,and as the game tends to have younger players also please refrain from speaking about sexual and offensive things.We do not wish to offend the players or their parent/guardian.If you feel the need to do so please take it to private message or your party chat.Thank you.

    3. If you wish for anything, lvling, questing, grinding, farming, gear, gold, ect. Think before you ask. only way to gain, is to give. if you give aid to the guild, you will rank up, and only rank 6 or better will receive the aid they need. Other wise any one will join guild, get free help, and leave. This will prove they are loyal to the guild.

    4.All meber of Tempered Souls MUST sign up to the forum.Those who do not sign up to the forum will be deranked from the starting rank of 5 down to 9.If the member fails to sign up to the forum each day they are on or seen on they will be deranked by one rank daily they are on and have not signed up.If deranked to 9 and you have not signed up by this time,you will be banned from Tempered Souls.

    5. NO KSing! It simply will not be tolerated. You wouldn't want somebody KSing you so please don't KS them. Got it? Good.

    6. BE ACTIVE ON GUILD FORUMS/IN GUILD EVENTS. Make sure you check the forums at least once daily (days that you're playing). You never know when something important might be going on that YOU really need to know about.

    7. No begging for gold/plvls. You may ask, but do not beg in guild chat. If you feel you ABSOLUTELY have to beg? Take it to a PM. If the person does not wish to offer whatever you're begging, leave them alone. Do not be an annoyance. A three warning offense can be issued.The 3rd time is a bannable offense

    8.When a officer address you do not ignore them.It is usually for a good reason.Ignoring an officer will merit a warning and will not be tolerated.Ignoring the guild leader or an officer is disrespectful and rude and will not be allowed.Also make sure to show the guild leader and officers respect at all times.They are in their positions for a reason.

    9.** If you are online when a GRB is taking place you are REQUIRED to participate. We need EVERYBODY'S help in ranking this guild. Four or five people alone cannot do it. It will require participation by as many as possible. Newest addition is participation is required at least once a month! only legit excuses are valid 2 miss,example -work. sick, power out, no internet.' we will be taking names of those who participate. so keep that in mind. if u are online and NOT help during GRB.. we will miss u in our guild.. -__-.. easy said.

    These are EASY rules 2 abide by.. please try. ty.

    ** In addition: Rules will be added or updated as needed.If you have any questions feel free to ask the guild leader or officers.Thank you.

    *** Updated: 4/15/2012

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