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    Times and rules of My helping.


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    Times and rules of My helping.  Empty Times and rules of My helping.

    Post  AiyanaFallen on Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:59 pm

    This is my rules for helping lower levels.

    Whenever I'm on if I'm not busy I am more than willing to help.

    But there are a few Rules for me.

    1.) I will help with levels 1-20 with some leveling. I am still learning my own Toon so unless otherwise decide I think I'll stick with Duo unless I feel I can handle a bigger party.

    2.) At level 20. You should go and do quests and go to Pharaohs it will help you learn your toon and class of your toon.

    3.) If you constantly beg plead or whatever to be power leveled .. Then answer will be no. And I will then NEVER level you again.

    4.) If at any time a lower level fighters have questions do not hesitate to ask me, PM me if you have to.

    AND Finally like Katie. THIS is a big must.

    5.) LAST BUT NOT LEAST: I will only help those who are actively helping the guild with things like GRB, guild house upkeep, etc. If you are not doing anything to help our guild--our FAMILY--then do not expect much help from me.

    Times and rules of My helping.  Aiyana
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