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    some prolly said you are not welcome in C_K because of your rudeness at times. i know you were very rude to me a few times. i dont hold grudges or hold it against. and im not in a position accept or decline your app. but i will say if i were i would not.


    when was I ever rude to you
    and if I was I sorry and it's all ok now I know I am never welcome in
    C_K anymore but I am truly a nice person and I am sorry we got off in the wrong path I don't remember ever being rude to you I wasn't even on when you join C_K yes I know you colls wife that's why I KNOW FOR SURE i WASN'T IN C_k WHEN YOU JOIN I had quit shaiya for a while


    actully I recent what I just said about not being sorry to you Amanda cause for one I wasn't in C_K when you was there so I know I was never rude to you I even told a couple ppl I would like to meet collera wife one day so what I just read from you you more rude than me cause I never did anything to you for me to talk to me the way you just did I alway respected coll in everyway the only reason I was ever rude to ppl is cause someone had to be since Shadow didn't have the balls to do so him self I actully did a lot for C_K and your husband if he needed it collera knows that I would have done everything and anything to help C_K and I did everything and anything I COULD I still love you guys and don't want the times of me being rude and disrespectful all you know and hear for the rest of your days I am trying very hard not to do it again cause I know there was other ways to do so but the ppl there (C_K) were being rude and disrespectful for for the trusted memebers and officer of guild and would not listen so I had to do what I needed to do to strucked fear into them and I did so I just wished I HAD MORE TIME to help you guys change the bad behaviors and I do wish things are going well for you all

    and once again if this sound rude I am sorry but I think next time you should get your fact stright Amanda before saying thing in which you do not know sorry collera if I am rude to your wife but she was being rude first and I am trying to word this as best as I can

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