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    Post  ValkyrieRosey on Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:23 pm

    This is my rules for helping:

    Whenever I'm on if I'm not busy I am more than willing to help.But also keep in mind I am still working on my 70 gear,and farming Oblivian Insula to make gold to get all my linking and gear done.

    1: I will help with levels 1-20 & 41-60 with some leveling.HM,and UM included.UM's please be sure to have Res Runes on you before going.

    2: At level 20. You should go and do quests and go to Pharaohs it will help you learn your toon and class of your toon.

    3: If you constantly beg plead or whatever to be power leveled .. Then answer will be no. And I will then NEVER level you again.Also I would like to add if I need to use restroom or step away from my computer at anytime and you try to tell me what to do,or try to demand me to go..go..go.Your power level is done.

    4: If at any time a lower level fighters,Mages,or Priests have questions do not hesitate to ask me, PM me if you have to.

    5: I will only help those who are actively helping the guild with things like GRB, guild house upkeep, etc. If you are not doing anything to help our guild--our FAMILY--then do not expect much help from me. However if I see or hear you helping the guild you will be rewarded with my help.But if you do not help the guild please do not bother to ask.

    6: Please be sure to fallow the list below.If you try to get ahead of someone or whatever I will have no problem removing you from the list,so please do not be rude or try to cheat a person on the list above you.The list below is there to help both myself and you know when I can help level you.Also below is a list of times to not ask,and these times are set to Shaiya game time.To get on the list reply to this message or PM me on the game.Ty

    Times not to Ask:
    o Sunday: 8am-2pm PST
    o Monday: 8pm-2am PST
    o Tuesday: 2pm-8pm PST
    o Wednesday: 8am-2pm PST
    o Thursday: 8pm-2am PST
    o Friday: 2pm-8pm PST
    o Saturday: 8pm-2am PST

    Waiting List:

    Player Name: Game Time: Date:
    --None-- --None-- --None--

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