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    OI TImes it opens.


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    OI TImes it opens.  Empty OI TImes it opens.

    Post  AiyanaFallen on Sat Mar 31, 2012 10:24 pm

    Current Times
    The chart below gives the time the portal to Oblivion Insula opens for it's 6 hour window throughout the week.
    It seems the time change patch was coded wrong and the current times for the portal on Thursdays are off by 12 hours.
    [edit]How to Use the Chart
    Determine your time zone and locate it on the chart as well as the Aeria time row
    Follow across the chart to the corresponding day based on Aeria time, then drop down to your time zone
    If the color changes as you go down the column then for you OI opens the 'next' day
    EX : looking at the Monday column we see that OI opens at 8pm Aeria time ( GMT-8 ) ; but if you live in GMT+4, then for you the time OI opens is 8am on Tuesday since the color has changed from orange (Mon) to yellow (Tue)
    [edit]Another way to use the chart
    I have added the days in each table cell, so simply look up your timezone line and go right to the times when OI opens for you.
    [edit]Timezones and DST
    Aeria uses the Pacific timezone as Aeria time, normally UTC-8. Aeria time is also affected by Daylight Savings time, and the date when DST is switched on and off might be different to your timezone (e.g. Europe). If you are unsure about the difference of Aeria time to your local timezone, check the link to official Aeria time and calculate the difference yourself. If the link shows e.g. 8:00 am Aeria time, and your watch shows 4:00 pm, the difference is +8 hours.

    I will create a chart but here is a link to the webpage..

    OI TImes it opens.  Aiyana
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    OI TImes it opens.  Empty Re: OI TImes it opens.

    Post  ValkyrieRosey on Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:01 pm

    This schedule was posted in Shiaya info, so figured I'd post it here for us all

    Schedule of Oblivian Insula:
    o Sunday: 8am-2pm PST
    o Monday: 8pm-2am PST
    o Tuesday: 2pm-8pm PST
    o Wednesday: 8am-2pm PST
    o Thursday: 8pm-2am PST
    o Friday: 2pm-8pm PST
    o Saturday: 8pm-2am PST

    Map of Oblivian Insula:

    OI TImes it opens.  OblivionInsulaMap

    Oblivion Accessory Items:

    OI TImes it opens.  OIAccessory

    Oblivion Lapis Drop

    OI TImes it opens.  OILapisDrop

    OI TImes it opens.  CrimsonRose02

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