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    Post  ValkyrieRosey on Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:08 pm

    Posting pictures on the forum are not hard once you learn.First off what you want to do is go to the address below and register to the site I have provided for you.Here you can post alot of pictures.For example on my photobucket I prolly have around 100+ pictures on the site.The best part is the site is free to register and use.So no credit card or money required.

    Now that you have registered and made an account with photobucket. You can start uploading your pictures,you want to share with others on the forum.Okies your first step is once you have uploaded your picture,you can go to your album and select the image.Once you have done this right click on the picture with your mouse,the left click on "Copy Image Location".Once you have completed this step you can come to the forum here and start your message make it be starting a new post or doing a reply.Then once you see your message box.Place your title you wish to have if you are doing a new post,if its a reply you dont need to worry about that.Then in the message box where you type your message click on the little bar that has "Img" in it you should see this "img" and "/img" between brackets that look like this [].Between the ["img"] right click with your mouse and click paste here. ["/img"] there should not be this " in the code.Once you do this you should click preview below your message box to make sure your coding is correct.If you have done this correctly you should see an image like the one below.

    Posting Pictures on the forum GeneralXios01
    This is what you should see if you did the code right.

    Example Coding:
    Make sure to remove all the " for the code to work correctly.

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